Quotes My name is Florence. I was diagnosed with alopecia Areata in 2001. At that time I had just a small little patch on the left side of my head. I was told that the follicles were dead and the hair was under the scalp but could not go through the dead follicles. I got a steroid shot on my scalp, but was told there was no guarantee that my hair will actually grow back. I mentioned to Natacha, that I was looking of a way I can wear my natural hair without having to wear a wig all the time. She mentioned Sisterlocks. I told her I would think about it, because the doctor had said to me not to put extension braids or having anything pulling on my hair. Anyway after some considerations, I told her I would give it a try. She really took the time with me to explain everything in details. She measures my hair, and the patch on my head. It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2013 when she did some test locs on my head to see what would work best for my hair type. Three weeks later she did it. Quotes
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Quotes I have been a customer with Natacha for almost a year. Wow, and it has been an incredible experience. She is so professional and knowledgeable, always answering any and all questions. My biggest piece of advice would be to listen to Natacha's recommendations on how to take care of your hair. She will not lead you astray. I was nervous at first, because I did not know what to expect, but now almost a year later I'm so happy with my decision to get Sisterlocks and even more happy with my decision to work with Natacha. If you're thinking about getting Sisterlocks, stop waiting and schedule a consultation. You'll feel so much more at peace and be better equipped to make an informed decision about whether or not Sisterlocks is right for you. Quotes
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Quotes I'm always excited to see Natacha! She's thorough, entertaining and doesn't mind sharing tips for your loc journey. Quotes
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Quotes I have been a client of 2 Natural Roots for over 5 months now. Natacha is very professional. I appreciate that she listens to her clients. She truly cares about your sisterlocks and treats them as her own. Natacha will never make a decision about your hair without asking the client what they want. For example, she will never combine a loc or clip one without permission. She keeps you informed every step of the way. Natacha is an advocate of hair care. As a result, she touches up my edges more frequently as they are a bit fragile due to previous styles I wore prior to getting sisterlocks. All and all, having Natacha has been a great experience! While she did not start my sisterlocks, she took me on just 4 months after my install. Natacha took the time to learn my hair and it has been flourishing ever since! Thanks for ALL you do! Quotes
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Quotes Natacha is a wonderful Brand Ambassador. She's very patient and truly cares about my Sisterlocks. She takes her time to see how my Sisterlocks are coming along & very professional. My favorite part about going to my retightening sessions are the VIP treatment I get. Quotes
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Quotes Having Sisterlocks has helped my hair to produce its natural oil, and as a result I have a thick head of hair. This is an advantage for me, because I can easily hide my bald spots. Stress is another factor; my daily routine is to manage my stress. I find that when I am most stressed I tend to get more flare ups. I started doing Bikram Yoga and also began taking Biotin daily with a multi-vitamin. I am now able to rock my Sisterlocks, my hair is the longest that is has EVER been, and it is more than 18 inches long. Now, I am really loving my Sisterlocks, I can style it however way that I want it. Quotes
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Quotes I've always had alopecia, but for a long time, I didn't know what it was. I was finally diagnosed with Scarring Alopecia in 2008. When my doctor showed me a video on Scarring Alopecia, I cried. When I got my diagnosis, I already had Sisterlocks for a year. What was I supposed to do? I spent lots of money getting my Sisterlocks installed, and I didn't want to cut them off. I did not want to shave my hair and be bald; I don't like wearing wigs because they make me hot. I knew I needed to embrace my new reality, and that started with doing some research. I was ready to do the research; I also have a great relationship with my dermatologist. One of the first things I had to do was switch my diet to gluten free. The wheat was also causing a lot of flare ups on my scalp, and for the longest time, I just thought it was stubborn dandruff. I also have to use topical oil on my hair. I cannot use every product in my hair; it's been through trials and errors that I have learned which ones work. Quotes
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Sisterlocked with Alopecia