Bonjour, je suis Natacha.  Bienvenue á Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™.  Sak passé to my Haitian community.

My specialty is the care of natural hair through Sisterlocks™ and Brotherlocks ™. I received my training from the founder, Dr. Cornwell, the creator of Sisterlocks™. I am a creative artist, a French Teacher, photographer, volunteer locally and abroad, and I enjoy scrap-booking, paper crafting and other creative outlets.


My journey to Sisterlocks™ began  in August of 2009 and I am happy to say that it was the best decision I ever made in regards to my hair care. I went natural because I love who I am in my natural state. For many years, I was using chemicals that caused my hair to fall out. When I got my Sisterlocks™, I thought they were beautiful and unique. For the past nine years, my hair has been healthy, natural and growing! 


I pride myself on being very precise, ensuring that each lock is the proper size to create a uniform appearance and remain strong and healthy.  My goal is to make everyone that gets Sisterlocks™ or Brotherlocks ™ look their best. In order for me to do that, I must form a partnership with each of my clients. This partnership involves agreeing to be consistent with the care of  your Sisterlocks™ or Brotherlocks ™, which entails re-tightening appointments, following post-appointment instructions, and exclusively using the recommended Sisterlocks™ products.


So are you ready to start your own journey to Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™?  

For more information please, visit the official webpage:

A bientôt!